Bluetooth Keyfob that prevents you from losing your phone

Jonathan Morris over at What Mobile has written an interesting post about a new gadget that will be hitting the shops early next year!

Bluetooth is useful for many things, but the latest idea could be one of the coolest for some time. A keyfob sized gadget that backs up all your phone data and alerts you if the phone gets too far away.
The i-migo is a clever gadget that isn’t quite ready for sale yet, but should appear in 2009 when discussions take place between various handset manufacturers and network operators.

The idea is simple; the keyfob pairs with the phone and extracts content (contacts, messages, pictures etc) over Bluetooth whenever in range. Like the Sony Ericsson range of Bluetooth watches which have a ‘proximity detector’ feature, the i-migo will also warn you when the phone moves out of range (in other words, it loses the Bluetooth connection). This warning means you are no longer close to your phone. Perhaps you’ve left it on a desk or someone else has walked off with it?
The main purpose of the i-migo is to prevent you losing your phone (by vibrating and flashing if the phone goes out of range). However, if you do lose your phone, all is not lost. Firstly, with the appropriate support from the handset, it will be possible to have the phone completely locked out – just like a car with keyless operation. That gives peace of mind that nobody else is going to be able to do much with your phone. After that, when you get a new phone, the data you would have otherwise lost can be restored by simply pairing the i-migo once more.

The i-migo sounds like an awesome gadget and I think it will be really useful for those of us who have a tendency for losing things (not naming any names ;)) The best bit is the ability is to completely lock down your phone, especially when your phone has some much valuable data about you.

Keep an eye on for more information!

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