Calling all Nokia fans: Help me out with your app suggestions?

So despite administering a much-needed kicking to Nokia on a semi-regular basis, I only do this out of frustration.

Frustration that I think I — and we (that is, you dear, reader) — could do a better job of it.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do this and recently I got very near to sticking 100k into a pot and developing our own MIR handset.

But I decided not to. I decided to try and make-do with what we’ve collectively ‘got’.

I turned to my N95 8GB just last week. Dusted it off. Unlocked it. Stuck in my Vodafone SIM. And I’m thoroughly enjoying being *connected* with a telephone that sort-of does internet. And I’m really enjoying using ShoZu and Buddycloud regularly as well.

Which brings me to my cry for help.

Could you tell me what applications you LOVE and use almost every day on your Nokia?

I’d like to download’em.

And further, I’ll go this far to say that if you suggest an application, instead of just smiling at you, I’ll go and download it. Or buy it and download it. And tell you what I think.

I’d be much obliged.

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