Christmas Wish: The Ultimate Smartphone


Josh over at Engadget made an editorial posting about all he wants for Christmas is a good Smartphone, which we’re sure most of us can relate to.

It goes on to highlight just how no one has really got it entirely right so far, from out of the box.

Engadgets Editor-in-Chief goes on to state he has to switch between three phones to get out the best Smartphone experience all told, as not one of them has the complete all round offering he requires.

Of late, he personally juggles between a BlackBerry Bold, iPhone 3G and G1 – with idea that if he could merge them all together, he would do so.

He likes the iPhone processing power, the Bold’s keyboard plus its overall speed of running apps, and the G1 Gmail integration, with its open source roots as a bonus.

A phone with the resolution of the HTC Touch HD would be on his wish list, with a capacitive touch screen to boot.

All of them need better synchronisation, with everything from office suites upwards and downwards. And not just what they can afford the licenses for, or are just BFFs with those companies.

It’s well worth a read and can be seen in its fully glory here

All the points he made we agree with, but there’s some extra we’d like to throw in seeing as it’s Christmas.

The handset has to support EDGE, 3G, HSDPA and HSUPA – covering all the bases, so in all areas the best possible data reception can be obtained and at all times.

It needs to have an OS that can handle true multitasking with the greatest of ease, the best of which we’ve used is still Brew. Having QUALCOMM the phone’s chipset maker also making the OS can’t be all that bad.

Decent push email is a must, with great integration for text and multimedia messages too. All from the same inbox by default, with a worthy preview option.

A good solid office compatible application onboard, no trials, no time limited versions – a full product that’s fully compatible with the very latest suites around. If it’s not too much bother, direct emailing from the app or at the very best, direct integration with the messaging suite.

It doesn’t need to be all work and no play either, we’d like to see a 3.5mm audio jack socket and playback for DivX/XviD without any extras needing to be installed.

Perhaps an all inclusive unlimited data plan for the phone, something in the region of the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm or O2 iPhone models.

Feel free to post your thoughts below, on what you’d like from the Ultimate Smartphone.

Merry Christmas.

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