Dick Tracy’s watch phone becomes a reality


LG has brought 1930s cartoon gadgetry to life, with the invention of the LG 3G watch phone that will be shown off at CES next week.

It’s been touted as the world’s first 3G watch phone, not that we’ve seen many plain old watch phones around before.

Known solely as the LG-GD910, it has a 1.43-inch screen with a camera in the front to facilitate its video calling. Yes, that’s right, video calling too.

Besides having 3G on board, it’s also capable of HSDPA speeds to the tune of 7.2Mbps. If that wasn’t enough other features go along the lines of; voice dialling, built-in speech recognition, text to speech, Bluetooth, an MP3 player and a speaker.

All this whilst also being waterproof, what more could anyone want? On yes, it looks like it’s coming to Europe and Japan from LG’s Google translated webpage.

At the end of November we reported upon a Prada Bluetooth watch for use with the LG Prada phone. It was very limited in its features and ties to the actual mobile, which made us write “Only you can’t answer (calls) in true Dick Tracy fashion; when will technology catch up with a 1930s cartoon?”. How irony and technology catches up on itself.

Well, it looks like it’s here. The proof will be in the pudding though, we look forward to hearing all about it from CES or failing that Mobile World Congress in February.

See more from the LG Korean website, via Google’s translator here.

Until then, it looks good, it appears to be genuine and we just hope the future has finally arrived.

Next, flying cars.

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