Dual SIM phones aplenty


News has reached us that LG and Phillips now have dual SIM mobile phones, both of which have been made public in the last day or so.

First up was the LG KS660 with iDNES.cz heralding in its arrival, which came to our attention initially via Engadget Mobile.

This dual SIM wonder is of a touch screen variety, with a 3-inch 400 x 230 WQVGA screen and a 5megapixel camera onboard.

It’s a Tri-band GSM mobile and has EDGE support, but is sadly lacking WIFI and also 3G functionality.

From the little information that’s currently about, we’ve gathered it’s due for release in China and Russia in February.

Next up, also coincidently for the Russian market is the Philips Xenium X710.

This came to us via iTech News Net and was first published on mobile-review, which lists its features as not being a touch screen handset for a change.

There’s even less information lying around on this phone, as all we can tell so far is that it has a 2.4-inch display, a 3megapixel camera and supports Tri-band GSM and EDGE. Also missing from its basic makeup is WIFI and 3G again.

There’s no news whether they’ll appear elsewhere in the world, and seeing as everyone’s shut down until the New Year there’s no chance of anyone telling us.

These phones now join the ranks of the other two dual SIM cards seen around today, with E-TEN’s Glofish DX900 and Samsungs D890.

With the Sammy offering being of touch screen in nature, same as the Glofish with both being Tri-band based.

Although the E-TEN model has WIFI, with one of the SIM sockets actually being Quad band but both are still lacking in the 3G.

With what appears to be every man and his dog putting out a Dual SIM phone these days, will we all be using one soon?

It seems to be a smart idea and saves carrying around a work phone and a personal one too, but who will purchase it?

We doubt very much the company of employment will, as they’ll want its own phone strictly for business purposes and will also want it to be seen in that way too.

Which means the cost of ownership and purchase will be down to the personal user. Where there are much better consumer handsets around today.

Also, we’re wondering how and what shop or a carrier will sell this to the customer or even how they will market it? That’s without taking into consideration the insurance and protection needed behind it.

As for one, there’s the companies information and property of the SIM being placed into another’s phone. This will obviously have its own risks attached by itself, besides having all of the company’s intelligence in possible emails and data open to security vulnerabilities.

We’re sure we’ve only just scratched the surface on this matter, there’s bound to be a lot more problems ensuring that it actually solves.

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