HTC Advantage comes to O2

News has just begun to trickle out from Telefónica O2 of another HTC device joining the ranks of the Xda league of gentlemen.

Although nothing official yet has been stuck in a press release and fired our way, the Xda Flint AKA HTC Advantage looks like it could be official soon.

A page has appeared on the main Xda website seen here listing the Xda Flint just as ‘new’, but no details or pricing has yet to be published.

We made several attempts to contact O2 press office today to confirm what’s what, but all to no avail and we’re still none the wiser.

Already on board the Xda line-up is the HTC Touch Diamond, under the moniker Xda Ignito which is the High Tech Computer Corporation best selling handset to date.

The HTC Advantage X7510 is an update of the updated version of their HTC Advantage X7500, which came out around Q1 2007. The latest model was first shown the light of day at GSMA Mobile World Congress this year, although this appears to be the first time a significant network has shown an interest.

Xda Flint is a Windows Mobile 6.1 driven QWERTY keyboard 5-inch VGA touch screen based device, which could even include HTC’s TouchFLO overlay. Initially it came out as tri-band, but thanks to the wonders of a flash update it’s now Quad-band, with 3G and WIFI onboard.

There are some that consider this to be the first of the netbooks. If you do look at the actual time line of its arrive and when everyone started calling those lite laptops netbooks, it could have some foundation.

If any more info does come out from O2 officially, we’ll let you know.

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