Kiboo launches BuddyMob for Android

BuddyMob caught my attention. I’ve been looking for an Android IM client — and it appears that is BuddyMob… and thensome.

The release states that:

BuddyMob is a single tool that enables continuous contact with friends via instant messaging, geo-tagged multimedia content sharing, micro-blogging, positioning on GoogleMaps, and a live instant feed to and from users’ friends’ social networks.


The XMPP protocol also brings the BuddyMob application to life, enabling all activity to be streamed live to contacts and creating an interface with all other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Well that’s me interested.

I’m going to see if I can download it.

The private beta went live today — and apparently we all might be able to experience it at If you’re on Android, this should be worth a look…

UPDATE: Just filled in the private beta form and got an invite. So try it out!

By Ewan

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