MIR Christmas Presents: The final 9

Ever since we did the draw for the first 10 prize winners in our Christmas Presents Draw, the Internet has been a-buzz (one donor e-mailed me) with the question, ‘who were the other 9 winners?’

Well, having just emailed them their prize choices, I’m pleased to announce they were (in order):

  1. Jonas Jaanimagi
  2. Aaron Vergara
  3. AJ Connolly
  4. Ed Hodges
  5. Matthew Noble
  6. Darren King
  7. Rafe Blandford
  8. Mark Redhead
  9. Rob Stonehouse

Thanks to all our donors and prize-suppliers!

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

7 replies on “MIR Christmas Presents: The final 9”

Ben, I know it was all for charidee, but I still wanted to win. I can't
decide if that shows a healthy competitive nature, or Scrooge-like

Anyway, well done and I'll hope to win something next year.

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