MySpace and Vodafone in Global Partnership

MySpaceID, formerly called — rather unimaginatively — Data Availability, is announced today. It enables MySpace users to be in control of their personal and portable social identity whenever they travel online.

MySpaceID allows users to:
· Connect MySpace profile data to partner sites (Now available)
· Find MySpace friends on a partner site (Now available)
· Register on partner sites using their MySpace URL
· Publish activities from partner sites to MySpace
· Syndicate activities on MySpace to partner sites

Of course, my interest is specifically what Vodafone are up to with MySpace. Let’s have a look at that part of the news release:

As part of their long lasting collaboration, MySpace and Vodafone have jointly evolved the OpenSocial standard to enhance the MySpace experience in the mobile environment.

With the roll out of MySpaceID Vodafone’s customers can simply link to their MySpace account and share their details, interests, content as well as connect with friends.

“Ever since Vodafone launched Mobile Internet, social networks have belonged amongst most popular sites accessed through mobiles,” said Sacha Tueni Social Networks Partnership Manager at Vodafone Group.

“MySpaceID will enhance the social networking experience further, and, utilizing our high-speed 3G network, make it faster and easier for our customers to connect and stay in touch with friends whenever and wherever they are.”

Well then.

I’ll wait and see just how useful that’s going to be.

By Ewan

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