Nokia Beta Labs goes into beta, by beta’ring itself over its betas


The Finish phone maker’s experimental site for offering up their latest and greatest applications has just gone into a beta rollout of itself.  Initially we weren’t going to write this up as a news piece, but the more and more we thought about it the more and more we chuckled to ourselves over the irony of it all.

The new site to be found at and comes across much more friendly in terms of navigation, along with being laid out better for all and sundry.  It does stand out over their previous site, seen at, which was OKAY in itself, but this new version has a lot more going for it.

In the worlds of Nokia – ‘This is the new Beta Labs service, trialled as a beta through itself. The purpose of Beta Labs is to provide Nokia beta software for customers, receive feedback and so make them better – together’.

The language of which just made us chuckle no end. Exactly how many uses of the word ‘beta’ can you get into a sentence, before the message gets across?

So, we had some fun ourselves.  The other headlines we considered were –

‘Master Beta of website gets a hand off’

‘Beta of Beta site gets Beta’d’

‘Better Beta of Beta, Beta’s for Beta apps’


‘Beta Beta Beta site has Beta of Betas to be Beta’d’

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