Nokia Ovi mail beta goes live


Just the other week we brought you news of Ovi mail coming to more than 35 of their Series 40 mobile phones, now the beta has been rolled out worldwide.

According to Nokia more than 110 million of their mobile phones can now have their own Ovi email addresses and accounts, with simple easy access and direct setup from the handset.

These free email accounts do not need a PC to be involved in what-so-ever but do offer the same functionality of one, as they mirror the likes of Gmail and their ilk. We also brought you news of this from Nokia World, which will be great venture for emerging markets on S40 mobiles.

Over the beta trial users in 12 countries, or languages based on those regions will be able to take part in the initial run. These range from English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Bengali, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia.

The latter of which just screams it’s ripe for those markets we mentioned earlier, we firmly believe.

They’ve already been running this trial since November to great success in India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

More phones have been scheduled by Nokia for those types of countries, which we also brought you news on of late – seen here.

With over 75-percent of the world’s population having never used email, it’s a great way to reach them.

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