Nokia’s first series 40 touch screen phone becomes official


The Finish phone maker’s latest handset, the 6208 Classic has been snuck out via their China website. A phone that just happens to be their very first touch screen mobile, running on the series 40 platform. Hurrah!

Reports of the new phones existence has picked up momentum recently over at unwiredview, with them officially spotting the phone showing up on the website.

From the breakdown of 6208 Classic handset, it’s a dual input based mobile from them – as the picture clearly shows.

First off, it has a standard alphanumeric keypad as the main text and number input source and secondly, it’s a touch screen based mobile.

Running from the Series 40 platform seems a bold choice for them, with other models of late being based around the Symbian S60 editions. This could be seen though as a lite touchscreen model for Asia and the emerging markets, that might never see the light of day elsewhere in the world.

We’ve been told the touchscreen models are very key in Asia, as the character recognition for the phone needs to be spot on around the subtle nuances in their written languages.

The added feature of the stylish stylus at the rear seems a nice touch, and it makes the phone standout with its futuristic design and the way it’s housed.

6208’s screen is a 2.4-inches with a 320 x 240 pixels QVGA display, plus a 3.2 megapixel onboard camera. The phone comes in as being Tri-band EGSM, with 3 and a half hours talktime and 300 hours standby.

The Nokia site has it that it will be on sale in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Middle East, North Africa and India. Where it’s ideally spec’d out for those regions and seems very suitable too, after reading in detail the specifications.

How and where it will fit its self in to Nokia’s portfolio elsewhere in the world will be of interest.

We’re guessing if it does ever come out in Europe or North America, it will probably be a network exclusive model where it could be more preferably suited there than anywhere else.

The most positive aspect to take away from this is that it’s a Series 40 handset, with a touch screen.

We’re looking forward now, and hopefully it won’t be the last, to see other series 60 features to come down the line.

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