NokiaWorldWatch: Ovi gets the message, better integration with others

From their 14th Nokia World event comes the announcement of Ovi messaging now supporting more email and IM clients than ever before. Hurrah!

They’ve finally got the message, received the signal, opened the missive – you get where we’re going with this – with the inclusion of the most frequently used mailing and messaging solutions around.

Over are the dark days where two polystyrene cups and a length of string is the best way to keep in contact with Nokia handsets.

Now they’ve listened to their people, taken heed at the requests and have brought to them a more solid foundation for messaging.

This new Ovi update surrounds getting email and messaging on their handsets, under the title ‘Nokia Messaging’.

Where there’s now integration with said platform for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail and AOL mail to name but a few.

On top of that, as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also introduced the inclusion of their IM counterparts
too. With the expected suspects of Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger now all onboard.

There’s support too from what Nokia are quoting as thousands of ISPs around the world. We expect all of the above comes from the purchase of Oz communications a few months back. Who had a solid foundation in all of this and it just seems natural it’s now a part of Nokia

All this is accessible from their new online portal for Mail on Ovi with its now 1GB storage ceiling, offering up a single sign-in to accessing and creating Ovi email accounts.

Arriving globally this month in 12 languages, the beta is set to take on Series 40 devices first with others being around the corner. Although the web version sadly won’t be around until February 2009.

As for their Nokia Messaging platform, it’ll be launched first quarter of next year. With owners of N71 and N95 first having access to a trial of their push email services here from today.

This has been designed to support easy access and set up for mobile email, for better integration all their accounts. From how it was outlaid to us, it’s a simple process with no trauma at all.

In a reverse take on the new offering Ovi, this will be available for S60 devices with Series 40 coming along in the second half of 2009.

This does all seem to be gearing towards offering up Blackberry-esque services to all, without the premium on top.

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