NokiaWorldWatch: Snippets from the day/miscellaneous discoverings

We thought we’d try and bring you some minor rounds up of things we’ve discovered over the day.

These items really fall under the ‘no major category’ heading where we can’t really write 1000+ words on the subject matter, but it’s still worth passing along.

The first comes from why the Nokia 5800 hit those select countries we mentioned last week and hasn’t really hit the UK yet, or won’t for sometime.

Simply put, it’s over the stylus and the Asian market. The first run of the handsets have the stylus included and is very much needed for the on screen character recognition in Asia where it will be initially shipped. Just think of the subtle nuances in those character sets as compared with English letters. It’s here the stylus is needed and is onboard where elsewhere in the world it’s just in the shipping box.

Another interesting fact came up in a meeting today, one of which we thought we’d bring you. The battery on the previous N96 was a 950mAh, where they’ve managed to increase the yield on the N97’s battery by around 50%. Shipping with the new phone next year will be a stunning 1500mAh, increasing it s longevity by some margin you’ll agree.

There were some facts and figures that came to light in this mornings presentation that’s worth noting on Nokia, so we thought we’d bring them to you.

They passed on the sales stats todate on the N95. Over 15 million handsets have been sold. Now if that’s not a feat of par excellence we don’t know what is.

Nokia believe there will be over 4 billion mobile users by 2009, equaling by then over 60% of the world being connected via a phone.

Also 75% of the world’s population have never used email, with their first experience now bound to be on a mobile device.

There has been over 6 million Nokia maps downloaded, with now over 200 countries covered.

We’ll bring you more later ….

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