** UPDATED ** NokiaWorldWatch: Snippets from the day/miscellaneous discoverings II **UPDATED**

In a second attempt to try and bring you some minor rounds up of things we’ve discovered over the day, here goes.

Items that still really fall under the ‘no major category’ heading where we can’t really write 1000+ words on the subject matter, but it’s still worth passing along.

The Ovi mail for series 40 handsets offers a free email address to all those handsets running that OS. This is also their first attempt at being an ISP of sorts, by offering email and hosting it.

What wasn’t clear from beforehand is that even if you no longer use a Nokia phone anymore it will still exist and can be used.

This has already been tried and tested for a while in the likes of the Philippines and Malaysia. Ideal suited for those 75% of the world that do not have access to email, this now brings it to them.

We’re assuming the emerging market phones we wrote about from them the other week will also be a target for this service.

We’ve just been told the E63 USA version has gone into production early.

It’ll hit the manufacturing process later on this year, nearly a month early.

This equates bring the in store date 5 weeks earlier than expected.

Expect to see this now in February rather than the March.

We’ll bring you more later ….

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