NokiaWorldWatch: The new Nokia N97 – the photos

Over dinner last night we were shown the new Nokia handset, the N97. The rest of the world will be seeing this at 09:15 local time in Barcelona .

We were amongst the privileged few to see the phone in action and to get a full briefing, way ahead of even the common place journalists out there.

The following is a series of shots taken over the meal, just to show off the wondrous delight that is the newest of the new mobile phone. Which is set for release first half of 2009.

NOTE: the colouring seen here might not be the final shading in the shipping version, we’ve been told

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SOme interesting specs in that photo
– 1500 mAh battery
– corresponding increase in talk/standby time (400 hours)
– less video playback time (no acceleration)
– taller, thinner, heavier than N96

Still all prelim ..

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