One reason why Symbian (and DeFi Mobile) is totally screwed at the moment

“Try out DeFi Mobile,” recommends our very own Jonathan Jensen.

It sorts out the automatic logging-in to wifi hotspots on your Nokia, amongst other things.

“Right, I’ll give it a go,” I say.

I flick up Google on the N95 8GB.

I type in ‘DeFi Mobile’.

And I’m downlaoding a sodding full size full screen website.

What the?

Sorry, this is a mobile company, this DeFi Mobile, right?

Isn’t there an automatic conversion to recognise that I’m one of the only people on the planet visiting their site to sign-up on a Nokia?

There’s a reason why no one else is bothering using these services.


I’m sold on the concept by Jonathan. A recommendation from an informed colleague. You can’t get BETTER than that. I want to download, try out and buy.

I’ve got 2 minutes. I’ve allocated DeFi Mobile 2 minutes of my attention.




Can’t be arsed.

I have to visit a flucking computer. A REAL computer to get it to work.

Or else I have to find guess some sodding mobile URL.

And I can’t be arsed with that.

Look at this:


They’re trying to SELL me with this. And this:


Oohhhhhhhh dear.

It’s not like I’m browsing with some new T-Mobile G1 or an LG Renoir. I’m using a NOKIA!

This is why nobody’s making any money in traditional mobile.

So for everyone currently developing for Symbian, you’re off your head. At the moment. Unless you’re selling in bulk to corporates. If you’re relying on the wildfire kind of buzz that many app developers are getting off the back of the iPhone App Store or the Android App Store (BuddyMob hit the top 5 on Android’s App Store today by the way), then think again.

Unless you can get your app on GetJar. And hope against HOPE that your customers have the presence of mind to visit GetJar rather than type your name into Google after a hugely hot recommendation from a friend.

Bring on the Symbian or Nokia Application Store.


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