Orange updates Scottish and Irish infrastructure


France Telecom announced today they’ve just completed the upgrade to both their networks in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This means both 3G and what they’re calling 3G+, but what we’re calling HSPA coverage has now reach a new high in the UK for Orange.

They now boast, in their words, they can ‘offer over 94% population 3G coverage and over 70% 3G+ across the UK’. Not a small feat in itself by any means, which makes their network even stronger in the process and in turn is set to attract more customers.

Whereas Vodafone’s website states they only have 80 percent of the UK covered on 3G as a comparison, with just 99.7 percent on 2G.

These new updates back more reliable voice and data services, with upgrades seen around cities and towns, as well as major roads, rail routes, business parks, conference centres, hotels and airports.

In fact, everywhere you really expect the majority of calls and business aspects of handsets and mobile broadband to be used.

Nokia mentioned these enhancements were to 760 sites across these regions, and have seen over a 20 percent improvement all around.

Unless others start to work on their networks, they could all lose out to Orange’s network dominance in terms of their coverage.

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