OrangePartnerCampWatch: Miscellaneous musings

Before we start filing some of the briefings that we attended, plus wade through the multitude of notes and scribblings to find out what’s relevant and what’s good we thought we’d bring you some miscellaneous musings. These are items that don’t really fit into anywhere as such, but are still of interest we believe.

Orange brought along their own mast for the event, which was a nice touch we thought. Seeing as most people there should have been with Orange anyway, this worked out nicely for them. As for all intents and purposes everyone on that network connected virtually through their Bristol tower. As the link was setup by them for this purpose alone; all a rather funky idea we believe.

For one, this saves on roaming charges and for another it just adds to the whole worth of the event in terms of continuity and practicality.

Some might have seen this as a gimmick, we just thought this was a nice idea and great for all those that attended this far, far away event.

We spoke to Pierre Combelles, VP of technical alignment and third parties, and also Steve Glagow, VP of marketing operations at Orange about their APIs. One of the more interesting elements of their partnerships that came out in the conversation interested us, for more reasons than one.

They have an involvement with a new friend of ours, ShoZu, curiously enough.

They used Orange’s APIs and within minutes, managed to integrate them into their platform for the online photo sharing site

All with the greatest of ease, those bright people at ShoZu were able to collaborate with Orange to enable an app on their mobiles.

Where images are transferred to a user Pikeo space, from the ShoZu platform with pure simplicity itself in mind – and very intuitively indeed.

It just goes to show how the bolts and bits of Orange’s API’s can be used to their fullest.

Also it came to light at the event, that the network ‘3’ in the UK uses Orange’s towers and masts for their 2G network – something that not everyone knows but should do we believe.

We’ll bring you more of these later on.

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