OrangePartnerCampWatch: More facts and figures

In wrapping up the event this week and after sitting through more meetings than we care to remember, Orange presented some more figures that we thought we’d pass along.

These go on to highlight just how well they’ve done in the past year alone, with the culmination of stats that ended in September this year.

In terms of mobile phone customers over the key countries they are currently in, all seems on the up and up. Orange now has 117.604million users to be precise, where they were at 107.197million at the same time last year. Just to save you pulling out your calculators, that’s 10,407,000 new customers in only a single year.

Instead of rambling on with a bunch of meaningless figures and stats, we’ve highlighted a few below which we thought were the most significant ones in our humble opinion

Orange France seems to have been the most successful practice with 24.524million users to date on their network, with 23.504million at September 2007. That’s a growth of over 1million customers in just 12 months, the largest out of all the regions.

Let’s not forget that Orange in France has the iPhone in their portfolio, which could explain away the dramatic leap in those numbers. As we were told they picked up 216,000 iPhone customers in that stretch on 3G. Although we’re sure you’re aware those days by now could all be numbered, from a recent court ruling this week.

In the UK they hit 15.815million users in the same time frame, where they were on 15.400million on September 30th of 2007. Here’s an increase of 415,000 users on the network in a year.

The last significant increase we noticed came from Orange in Poland. In that country they’ve come along from 13.487million customers in 2007 to 14.054million, that’s 567,000 all told. That’s a mighty difference from the previous year. Hurrah!

Mobile broadband users across their whole network had the largest leap in their numbers. It’s increased by the factor of 10,409,000 new users in just a year. They used to have 12.789million on their network, now they’re at a whopping 23.198million strong customer base.

In France alone, they hit 9.922million users from 6.284million – an increase of 3,638,000 customers.

Their Spanish outfit hit over 1.5 new users, from 1.232million to the latest stats of 2.820million mobile broadband customers.

The UK’s growth saw them reach 2.883million Orange customers from 1.551million. That’s an overall growth of 1,332,000 new users to the network.

All in all, the future looks bright for Orange judging by these figures. Although it looks like it’s their data network has been the real winner for this year.

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