Our first look at the Sonim XP3 waterproof phone

We’re big fans of the Sonim series of toughened handsets. The last one I had, the XP1, I took up a mountain overlooking Lake Tahoe and, in the middle of the snow, proceeded to stamp repeatedly on it with my ski boots.

All around, bemused skiers hoping off the ski lift nearby watched, wondering what the hell I was doing.

I was testing the XP1. 😉

After stamping away for a good few minutes, I then picked it up and promptly called my mother back in the UK.

No problem. Clear, excellent call quality. I hadn’t damaged the device one jot.

So when the new XP3 arrived — the first waterproof (to 1 metre) handset I’ve ever come across — I was delighted to take delivery and check it out with MIR contributor Ed Hodges.

In this video today, we open up the box and have a play.

Tomorrow, see what happens when we actually put the XP3 in a load of water and try and call it.

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