Palm opens Software Store

Palm has opened a software store with over 5,000 applications (around 1,000 free) these are mixed between PalmOS and Windows Mobile – so beating Microsoft who are planning to open the Skyfront Store in 2009. There are also more applications than in Google’s App store.

Is it too little too late though, Palm has been in decline for a while?

The store can be found here

By Steve Kennedy

I have over 20 years' experience in the Telecoms/Internet/Mobile industries. I was involved with internet in the UK before it had a commercial presence, internet streaming from its beginning (he was the first UK Real Networks customer), and set-up the first Internet Dance Radio Station ( I was also involved with the first netcast of BigBrother (UK).

I am an acknowledged "independent Industry expert" and uses those abilities in consulting and working with a number of investment partners on various projects. I also am a freelance journalist writing on technology subjects.

I'm also a Director of UKEC Ltd - the UK ENUM Consortium that is the governing body for ENUM in the UK.

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