Preview: Lastminute Labs ‘Nru’ Andoid App

News just in from the clever-types at Lastminute Labs (the team behind FoneFood, which we rather like) – they’ve also been trying out development on the Android platform and have released this video preview of their forthcoming application ‘Nru’ (pronounced ‘near you’).

Building on the search feature of FoneFood this application takes advantage of the magnetometer (compass to you and me) and GPS built into the G1 to locate entertainment venues, restaurants, landmarks and other stuff on a radar-like interface.  At last!  A way to find the nearest Pizza Express wherever you are without relying on Ewan’s legendary instinct.

We’re going to try it out as soon as we can.

Check it out:

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

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