RumourMill: CES 2009 – Sans Microsoft Zune mobile phone

Popular news-blog site Gizmodo has it from MS there will be no Zune phone at CES in January next year after all.

Despite the rumour mill reaching Defcon 5 of late over the appearance of the multimedia mobile phone by Microsoft, it now appears that Brian Seitz , Group Manager of Zune has now officially denied it. With the likelihood of a Zune phone making an appearance of that of the Dodo walking this Earth once again.

There were some supposed news anal-ysts of late that started all the gossip, with even CNBC joining the ranks. All with the reports of some hardware noted that could have, might have, should have been Zune related.

This apparently started with details of ‘Project Pink’ being marked for CES, which now seems to be just a range of services that could allow a Zune-esque services a to run on a Windows Mobile platform. Hurrah!

The site has even stated from a source over at ZDNET that this could still make the light of day at CES after all, despite the phone not being around. There’s even the possibility of Zune like services running on other mobile platforms too.

See more on the story here.

To add another tentative link to a flightless bird, perhaps we could even see Zune running on Android’s Penguin based OS as well.

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