RumourMill: New Nokia Touch Screen phone?

The rumour mill has gone into over drive with the sighting of a new Nokia phone, a full touch screen mobile – not even a week after their symposium in Barcelona started.

Slashgear amongst others, starting with them, have all picked up on this story and run with it like the Olympic torch.

We passed this along to be confirmed by our newly gained and most excellent contacts now inside Nokia. Who in turn passed it along to HQ in Finland, where the answer came back that no one was clued in on the model.

With the official word being that it just looks like a ‘marketing concept shot’, which we concur with. As we’re unsure of a handset coming out that boasts a “Direct UI simplifies interaction with standard strokes and gestures”.

Some other news came to light just as we were writing this up, in the form of an update on the main news site.

They’ve also had the image confirmed by Nokia, where it just appears to be a shot showing off the latest UI and its features.

A feature set that does look very familiar to the one we saw supported on the N97, which we extensively used last week.

Perhaps it’s more than just a concept mock up after all and could be a definite glimpse into the future.

Does anyone have a Flux Capacitor so we can find out? McFly? McFly?

See here for more on the story.

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