ShoZu Picture Of The Day

This morning’s ShoZu Picture Of The Day is from regular reader, Andy Hooper.

Andy uses ShoZu a lot to snap pictures, get’em up to Flickr, so that his kids can take a look to see what he’s been up to.

The photo below is from Andy’s flickr feed and shows a street in Ottawa. It was apparently -18 Celsius when he arrived on Monday — then the weather warmed up and promptly dumped a ton of snow:

That sort of thing is entirely foreign to us here in the United Kingdom. If we get more than an inch of snow, the country tends to shut down immediately, news teams rush to film stupid motorists who thought their Ford Ka’s would be perfectly fine driving up steep hills, and we all generally do a collective shudder and hope we’ve got enough breakfast cereal in the cupboard.

Goodness knows what we’d do if we were dumped a few feet of snow overnight.

I’ve got some more from Andy — including his first ever upload.

The Ottawa photo was taken with a Motorola Q9h — although that doesn’t get a description from Flickr and I don’t think it can use ShoZu’s geotagging functionality either.

Strange that it’s identified as a ‘Motorola Not Available’. I do think that’s a pretty good monicker for the Q9 series though — my Q9c from the States was more or less permanently unavailable. I’ve got a video to show you later.

Andy, thank you very much for sending this in – most appreciated!

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