Social Network Mobile use on the rise

Emarketer reports that the number of users accessing social networking sites in rising, last year 82m users used their mobile devices to access a social media site, in 2008 this figure increased to 147m users and by 2012 it’s expected to reach 803m. In 2007 the percentage of users using social network sites via mobile compared to those accessing the Internet was 2.7%, in 2008 that increased to 4.3% and in 2012 it will be 18.8%.

Many users are now using their mobile phones as their primary Internet access device and this trend is going to increase.

The mobile networks are going to have to accept that data traffic is going to exceed voice and they’re going to have to flat rate it all.

By Steve Kennedy

I have over 20 years' experience in the Telecoms/Internet/Mobile industries. I was involved with internet in the UK before it had a commercial presence, internet streaming from its beginning (he was the first UK Real Networks customer), and set-up the first Internet Dance Radio Station ( I was also involved with the first netcast of BigBrother (UK).

I am an acknowledged "independent Industry expert" and uses those abilities in consulting and working with a number of investment partners on various projects. I also am a freelance journalist writing on technology subjects.

I'm also a Director of UKEC Ltd - the UK ENUM Consortium that is the governing body for ENUM in the UK.

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