T-Mobile first with the BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Curve 8900 - T-Mobile
BlackBerry Curve 8900 - T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom arrived on the scene today with their BlackBerry 8900 offering, beating the shipping Curve by over a week.

Carphone Warehouse announced earlier on this week their 8900s will be in the shops on the December 20th, O2 said January 5th and T-Mobile will now be selling theirs on the 12th of December. Tadarrr!

This is despite the Carphone Warehouse telling Mobile Industry Review they were exclusively selling the handset, and then revising their statement to saying it’s the ‘Titanium’ version instead.

Earlier on this week we debunked their claim, as it’s the exact model being sold by O2 and now it appears that T-Mobile are selling the same version as well.

Coming along with unlimited access to RIM’s push email, with unlimited web browsing on T-Mobile’s web‘n’walk service.

The BlackBerry Curve will be free if signed up to a £35 a month contract, also known as their Flext 30 with a £5 email bolt-on. A tariff that has £140 worth of calls and texts, which can be made up of 700 mins, 1400 texts or a mixture of both.

O2 has still yet to make public their costings for the 8900 or any of the tariff pricing. Clearing showing the only reason they put out a press release on Monday was to trump the Carphone Warehouse announcement the following day, and T-Mobile’s today.

There isn’t a great deal more we can add to the handset they we haven’t already covered here, here or even here.

We haven’t heard so far from Vodafone or Orange, perhaps they can offer the handset this week, three hours before the phone was announced on a Thursday morning backin May.

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