T-Mobile gives away free Asus netbook with mobile broadband


Deutsche Telekom has just entered the foray of a free portable computer, with a mobile broadband contract in tow.

They’ve now joined Orange who offered a similar deal back in August, with almost the very same netbook.

T-Mobile’s package is based around a £25 a month contract, with the Asus Eee PC 904HD thrown in gratis.

The Orange deal is at the same costing, with the exact 3GB download allowance per month. Although T-Mobile has 200 FREE texts a month, the other network has only 100.

Where they differ is in the netbooks they’re giving away. Orange’s model is a slightly older Eee PC 901 with 16GB of onboard storage, a 1.3 megapixel built in webcam all with 5-hour battery life.

The Eee PC 904HD is a newer model with the same processor, the same 1GB of RAM, same WIFI, same 8.9-inch TFT screen and the same Windows XP OS as the 901. It does however have an 80GB HDD, instead of an SSD and only a 0.3MP webcam with the same battery longevity.

T-Mobile’s mobile broadband is provided in the form of a USB dongle, whereas the Orange 901 has it embedded inside. This makes it a better deal in our opinion, as we’ve used dongles and also netbooks with it built in and preferred the latter.

We’re sure the 904HD could have it embedded too, but there is bound to be a pay off with getting it all geared up or just shipping it as it arrives from Asus direct to the shops.

See more on the T-mobile offer here, which also hints at more deals like this on the horizon as it lists two other laptops that are coming soon.

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