The best handset for ShoZu, ever?

I’m looking for your assistance.

As part of the MIR ShoZu Campaign, we will be giving away a handset every week shortly. Exact details are coming soon, but before then, I need to determine the best handset most appropriate for ShoZu use. And then go and buy them.

What’s your recommendation?

Nokia N82?

The trusty N95? That’s the handset that really opened up ShoZu for me, because of it’s fantastic camera. The N95 is a bit old though.

Or what about the brilliant, brilliant Sony Ericsson K800i? 3.2 megapixels of sheer camera excellence.

By Ewan

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13 replies on “The best handset for ShoZu, ever?”

Gotta be the N95 – might be a bit middle aged but Nokia are still releasing firmware upgrades for it and it has a massive loyal following! Only problem I have with mine…is that it's broken and nokia wont fix – stupid unbranding.

Can't speak on the 8GB – I'm a N95 classic man myself! 8>) – but those who I know that have them are very happy with them. Just wish I still had mine – im using an HTC touch diamond at the mo – work phone.

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