Who wants a Kogan Agora Android handset for £173?

I just got an email with the Kogan Agora URL from our Technical Contributor, Dan Lane, with a single word:


Agreed, Dan. Agreed. Let’s get one and see what it’s like!

Do they do international delivery? I’ll need to see…

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12 replies on “Who wants a Kogan Agora Android handset for £173?”

Yes they do international delivery @gerrymoth sent me details this morning and it works out around £170 posted! And yes I want one.

Anyone know if it will work on UK networks, does it come unlocked?, can you just drop any uk sim into it and start using the voice, SMS, GPRS etc..?

Should do. Haven't checked specs but if it's designed for the Australian networks then it'll work in the UK just fine.

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