Windows Live Mobile gets a makeover

A blog posting has just appeared from the Windows Live Mobile Team uttering there are new happenings to its mobile phone portal. Wahoo!

They’ve updated their Windows Live site for mobiles with all new features and services that weren’t even around for the beta users, those cheeky wee people.

Aim your phone at to check out what’s what and run up your data tariff so much that you’ll have to sell a family member just to pay the bill off.

They’ve updated, reworked, and tweaked Windows Live Mobile Home to now include Photos, Profiles, People, and Spaces – all with nothing to actually download to your phone.

Services match and mirror what goes on in the full blown version too. With the likes of your personal status messages being updated on the mobile client then changing on the desktop.

Before hand really only very basic Hotmail and Messenger were available for handset users, now they’ve almost enabled the familiar desktop functions for your phone. There’s even a promise of an updated mobile Hotmail version on the way in the next few months. Hurrah!

They’ve released two updated version, one for the PC and another for the phone. With a view to learn what you can actually do on you mobile, with the likes of Alerts and SMS services on the ‘puter.

On the computer, aim your browsers to the exact same address –, to find out what’s what.

For more on the blog-post see here, or just go and visit the mobile site and try it out for yourself.

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