Yet another watch phone appears *sigh*


Only days after we brought you news of the Dick Tracy video watch phone, another one gets released by the company Phenom who actually have a history in making watch-phones.

The company whose US phone number is 1.888.9WATCHPHONE, has just launched their latest model – the SpecialOPS.

This version of their established series of watch phones isn’t solely touch screen, unlike some of their others, it also comes with a keypad for dialling on the strap.

This isn’t a huge let down, as it’s a watch phone for Larry’s sake. A W A T C H P H O N E !!

Its 1.3-inch 260k pixel screen is capable of playing MP3 and MP4 media, from the 2GB memory or even from a microSD card. Besides just making calls, it also has Bluetooth built in, a microphone, a speaker, and a digital camera that’s only 130 Pixels.

Only? It’s a watch phone?!!?? A W A T C H P H O N E !!!

In terms of network access, it runs from 900, 1800 and 1900 frequencies. That offers up GSM, GPRS and also WAP functionality. With a battery life of 2hrs talktime and 120 on standby, per battery

Sadly, it doesn’t have 3G of WIFI abilities.

What are we saying? Who cares, it’s a watch phone. A W A T C H P H O N E !!!!

Everyone should have one of these and be dammed with touch screen playthings, 8megapixel monsters or QWERTY keyboard notebook substitutes.

Seeing as everyone uses their phone anyway as a watch to tell the time, why not just dump the phone at get a watch phone.

The SpecialOPS from Phenom, comes unlocked, SIM free at $295.00 from their website seen here.

If 2008 was the year of the Smartphone, as all the pundits are saying – it’s shaping up for 2009 to be the year of Dick Tracy’s watch phone. Shame it’s only 79 years too late.

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