Acer’s Smartphone – it’s official


Acer has sent an email to the press this week inviting them to their briefing at Mobile World Congress, whilst ever so subtly unveiling their Smartphone at the same time in the invite.

In a move that’s as subtle as opening an envelope by throwing a brick at it, they also announced their intentions to enter the Smartphone world by unveiling a new division.

This is seen in the wording of their invite that reads ‘Smartphones’, it’s all in the details. More than one handset we hear you say, yes, more than one handset.

Why go all the way to the largest gathering of likeminded telecoms type people and just bring one mobile phone to show off, two or more are always needed – with safety in numbers being paramount.

No real details are available as yet, nor have they offered any prebriefings on the latest of the late handsets. We’re assuming they’ll be very tight lipped from experience, until that very time and date shown. This is all a rather bold and uncharacteristic move and is very unlike them. We’re guessing with all the leaks happening of late and the coverage everyone’s getting, why not just leak something yourself.

With no specifics to hand all we can really do is speculate on what exactly makes up an Acer Smartphone. We’ll start the ball rolling, but feel free to add your comments at the base of this article with the phones details – you never know, one of us might be spot on.

Acer’s Smartphone: Wide touch screen display, virtual keyboard, Quadband, 3G, HSDPA, running Windows 6.5 and all looking rather like something HTC might turn out.

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