Carphone Warehouse ALSO launches Pay-As-You-Go BlackBerry x 2


On that day that will go down the annals of history as BlackBerry’s move to prepaid services, or the day everyone on the planet announces their pay as you go BlackBerry handsets – Carphone Warehouse unveils the 8110 and 8210.

Those two phones are available from January 30th at the princely sum of £149.95 each, whereas the Orange mobile still reads as ‘coming soon’ on their website. Meaning Carphone Warehouse will get there first, leaving egg or more appropriate, BlackBerry on their face.

Down to the nitty gritty, the full skinny, the complete low down, the full enchilada – everything you needed to know but were too afraid to ask.

These handsets will have unlimited emails to a chosen account, along with access to Facebook and MySpace and all for just £5 per month. Hurrah!

This is all, of course, on a fair usage policy of sorts which hits the ceiling at 50MB per month. After that limit has been reached, an excess can then be paid afterwards which all seems rather fair. Miscellaneous niceties, such as calls and text messaging will relate to the individual tariff as expected and rightly so.

We’ve been told the 8110 in silver and the 8210 in pink will be exclusive to Carphone Warehouse, just in case that tips your favour of hitting them up for a phone and not Orange. Sorry, ‘indigo’ as that’s its colouring.

The 8110 and the 8120 are more or less the same phone, only the latter has WIFI and will be only available on Orange. Whereas the other looks like it’ll be a free for all and dealers choice as to which network the customer wishes to use it on.

It’s a good move for the Carphone Warehouse and the likes of Orange to open up pay as you go BlackBerry handsets and its services to the mass market. Also it’s ideal for those who wouldn’t normally think twice about such a phone, meaning one day there’ll be more BlackBerryites everywhere.

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