Expansys leaks again, only this time three handsets at once


Those ever more hilarious guys by each passing day at Expansys have just ousted not 1, but 3 Samsung mobiles all at the very same time. Marvellous!

Highlighted to us by Cellpassion, who we must say are seriously on the ball of late and are making everyone else look bad, were the details on this most monumental leak.

Although this time around, Expansys published a brief spec and run down of these handsets in a very subtle way via one of its blogs, which is most unusual for them. It’s a welcome alternative to their usual rap of just opening up pre ordering for the device, they must have had their wrists slapped recently for this change in tact.

As there was the leak of the HTC Iolite, the BlackBerry Flip and we’re sure countless others in the past. All of which just makes you wonder how their relationships with these vendors are still standing, or are these leaks just a part of the handset companies marketing ploys in the first place.

The trio of unauthorised, unscheduled, unconfirmed, unfounded announcements relate to the B2100, the Louvre and Pivot.

The below is straight from the Expansys blog post itself –

Samsung B2100
A follow up from the Samsung Solid M110, the Samsung B2100 shares many of the same features with the older B2700 but skips the 3G, flash and pedometer features. Like the B2700 it will be IP54 certified, adding to its “tough phone” credentials.

Samsung Louve (Code Name)
Looking very much like a TyTN II and running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. A 3.2 MP camera and tilting screen with a customised interface (like the widgets found on the i900) the Louve looks like an interesting handset.

Samsung Pivot (Code Name)
A follow up to the Samsung i780, the Pivot will be one of the first handsets to feature Windows Mobile 6.5. On board you’ll find a 5MP camera, QWERTY thumb board, LED flash, AGPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and host of other features.

It’s interesting they mentioned the TyTN II, seeing at they’ve only recently leaked an HTC device and must have upset that company somewhat. Perhaps Expansys are trying to get on their good side again by making amends with the comparison, or are we just reading a little too much into that *cough*

Could the Pivot be hedging Samsung’s bets (sorry, bad pun) by being their very first Windows Mobile 6.5 device? Either way, it looks like they’re carrying on the goodness of the i900 across to other ranges, which is a positive aspect for continuity.

News of the B2100 first came to light around October time last year, which looks rather akin to the robustness of the Sonim phones with its resistance to weather conditions, dust, water and falls. We’re not entirely sure about its indestructibility, as compared to the XPx handsets but it will be interesting to put them head to head.

We’ll just have to see if these all pan out, as we’re sure they will be officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in a matter of weeks.

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