Flirtomatic heads stateside with Flirtomatic US Beta

I got a note in this morning from Mark Curtis, top chap at the mobile success story that is Flirtomatic.

Have a read:

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Hey Ewan,

Wanted you to know that we are launching next week in the US on mobile.

It a “beta” thing initially – a few (but not many) adaptations to the UK service, mainly around registration. We’ll also be live on the iPhone/iTouch and web versions too.

US users will be able to see UK users and vice versa. Initially we’ll test different marketing, all off portal, and refine our approach when we see what we get.

Given that we’ve had a consistent usage of our web site from the US with little or no marketing over there, we’re confident US users will like the product as much as people do over here. We also know that it’ll be tough…..but it’s a big market and off portal looks like it is now big enough there to deliver the volume we need.

Separate note: we decided to give our users some Chinese New Year gifts… fortune cookies…..very popular and now our top seller :-). Same old lesson, give the customer fun….. I’ve attached one, drop it into a browser to animate…..



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Thanks for the update Mark, that’s sounding rather exciting.

If you haven’t checked out Flirtomatic recently, head over and have a look at some of their latest innovations. But if you’re new to Flirtomatic, try signing up. They’ve got some of the best sign-up logic I’ve seen — which is why they’ve got, what, well over a million members signed-up. And crucially for the development of the mobile industry, the vast majority of Flirtomatic’s members are normobs who typically don’t have computers or internet access at home.

By the way, here’s a screenshot of the fortune cookie Mark sent me. Thanks Mark 😉 I bet they’re flying off the virtual shelves at the moment!

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