Google’s Android coming to a netbook near you soon


Those guys at VentureBeat have managed to install Google’s mobile phone platform on an Asus Eee PC, for proof of concept that it could be done and they wrote it all up too.

In order to possibly show how versatile the OS is, they spent just four hours compiling Android for the Eee PC 1000H to get it fully up and running.

All whilst they managed to get most of the hardware on the netbook responding, from WIFI to sound and graphics during the whole process.

The screen wasn’t an issue either, as Android automatically adapted. This is despite the Asus laptop display being around five times that of the G1 mobile phone screen.

They weren’t actually the first to start the ball rolling on this, believe it or not, Google has already had an attempt. One of their developers only recently ported the OS to a much older Asus Eee PC, the 701. This spurned these guys to do their own, only on a more current model.

VentureBeat believes if all this could be developed it might even usher in better web applications, with the likes of Google’s Chrome possibly being at the heart. They also think we might be able to see an actual Android netbook within three months. With the reliance going to the partners of Google’s OHA alliance, and others who have a say in the matter.

Linux is already big on the netbooks, as a decent cost alternative to the other common option of Windows XP. But with every flavour known to man making an appearance in one form or another, Google could quite easily standardise with Android on these devices and win the day.

With the well established industry name they have it will inspire greater confidence too as an OS choice for muggles, rather than an unknown non-common placed Linux brand.

Not to mention those who are bundling embedded mobile broadband in their netbooks, who will benefit from the synergy Android provides.

If anything, it would certainly give Microsoft something to seriously think about or even those Linux providers.

Read more on their piece here.

Pay careful attention to the policies part. As it appears Google could have set up Android for this avenue already, with a mention of mobile internet devices in the code.

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