GoSpoken launch deal with 3

Andy McNab, the SAS expert and wicked action author has done a deal with 3 to launch audio books on mobile. To be precise, Andy’s company, GoSpoken (we’ve talked about them before here on MIR) have done the deal.

Trust 3 to be right there on the innovation curve. Each audio book costs around 5 pounds and is billed directly to your 3 account. Genius. I’m going to dig out my 3 sim and give this a go.

The delightful Jemima Kiss from The Guardian has the details.

SAS soldier turned best-selling author Andy McNab is extending his reach further into the mobile market through a deal with phone operator 3.

McNab founded the audiobook-for-mobile firm GoSpoken in April last year and has been working on a series of deals to increase the number of distribution outlets and titles on offer.

The latest deal with 3 will add GoSpoken’s inventory to Planet 3, the free entertainment and information service available on all the operator’s handsets.

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