Greenest of the green chargers comes in yellow


A new portable device charger was aired at CES this year with the ability to not only draw power from the sun, but also the wind too.

Ohgizmo brought this eco warrior into our view, to which in all possible likelihood is the best outdoors charger ever!

The K2 can charge itself from either a main’s adapter, its solar panels or the micro wind-turbine farm it carries around at all times.

After fully charged, the mighty battery can then go on to subsequently recharge up to 5 times the likes of a mobile phone from its built-in USB port or adapters.

If that wasn’t enough and why shouldn’t it be, out on the road in just 1 hour recharging from natural resources the durable K2 can offer 30 minutes of battery life for a handset. Hurrah!

How amazingly green is that; it’s a must for every long summer day out or at the end of the world.

Luke over at Ohgizmo even suggested hooking the charger up to a bike, with the wind encountered on a long journey being used to drive the wind turbine and recharge the K2. A great idea, even if we do say so ourselves.

Gone are the days where a dynamo is just used to power the lights on a bike, now just use the wind to power or at least recharge everything instead.

It’s expected to be on sale for around $100 when it arrives soon, see more on the K2 here.

The only thing it’s missing in our book, and we’re sure they’re working on it for the K3, is water.

Just to tick all the environmental boxes, why not have an outdoorsy charger than can also be powered from a stream just in case there’s no wind or sun around.

Idea number 2879 brought to you by Mobile Industry Review.

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