Hyundai hits the UK mobile handset market with 15 handsets en route

The global behemoth, Hyundai, has entered the UK mobile handset market.

Big time.

There’s no toe-in-the-water nonsense from Hyundai. Nope. They’re hitting the market with 2, followed by 10 to 15 new handsets this year.

That’s THE FIRST HALF of this year.

Come on!

A little bit of competition, eh? Plus you might get a discount on your next Yaris. Or Taris. Or… Hyundai [something]. I can’t, alas, name a Hyundai car model without resorting to Google. And that would be cheating.

I’m going to do more on this shortly. For now, here are two images to whet your appetite.

This one, unsurprisingly (from the description on the screen), has — as I infer — a touchscreen:

No word on actual operating system specifics. I tell you what, if Hyundai simply HINTED at the SLIGHT POSSIBILITY of manufacturing 200m Android handsets this year, I’m willing to bet half the industry would wet their pants. Some with delight, others not so much.

Anyway, more soon.

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