INQ1 phone to leave the 3 network


Hutchinson Whampoa’s Facebook mobile is set to spread its wings and fly the coup, according to a report on the news website Mobile Today.

They sat down of late with the supreme emperor of INQ, namely one Frank Meehan. He passed along the details they’re in talks with at least two major operators to carry the phone.

Frank also added more INQ phones are expected in the second half of this year, with a QWERTY offering being on the table too. Hurrah!

The INQ 1 comes along with free unlimited Facebook, Skype2Skype calls, no holds barred IMs, all you can eat text messaging, plus all the emails you can send and calls-delight to 3 network users. All this for only £15 a month, with 75 minutes too.

Mobile Today noted the INQ phone is expected to be on another network by the time the years out, just showing there’s a bigger opportunity for the mobile elsewhere.

Just after the launch event in London, Frank told us he was flying to the states that weekend to have some talks with networks and carriers over there.

It looks like those meetings paid off for the INQ. Well done!

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