Relive the joy with 17 of our best Jaiku stories from the archives

For posterity — and for all those disappointed at the ‘official‘ demise of Jaiku, here are some of the most popular ans notable Jaiku stories we’ve published on Mobile Industry Review over the years (or SMS Text News as we used to be known):

The Joy of Ku. Jaiku Unwrapped by James Whatley.
March 2008

Jaiku Unwrapped Part 2 by James Whatley
March 2008

Twitter and Jaiku aren’t built to handle the new world of photo, audios and video by me, Ewan
February 2008

Jaiku as the sacrificial lamb for the Gphone
October 2007

Why didn’t Google buy Twitter?
October 2007

Google geniuses acquired by Google
October 2007

Jaiku gets a raft of wicked updates
August 2007

3UK’s Mobile Internet Seminar (presentations — inc one from Jyri)
July 2007

And 3UK’s Mobile Internet Seminar overview ft Jaiku
June 2007

Nanoblogging with Jaiku
April 2007

Orgasmic combination: Jaiku & ShoZu
April 2007

Jaiku isn’t rivaled by Twitter, Jaiku flattens Twitter
April 8th 2007

Jaiku and Mobile Presence two weeks on
April 6th 2007

Jaiku’s got my attention
March 30th 2007

Obsessing over Jaiku
March 28th 2007

Go and sign up for Jaiku
March 27th 2007

Have you tried Jaiku mobile presence? (first ever post featuring Jaiku)
March 27th 2007

By Ewan

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