MIR Developers Event – 29th January – An open invitation!

Ahead of the rapidly approaching Mobile World Congress, I’m hosting a MIR Developers networking event next week.

If you’re into mobile development, I’d like you to consider coming along. This is ONLY for mobile developers and closely associated fields. We’re actually hosting a MIR Meetup — open to all readers the day before (more details shortly). But this one — Thursday night — is all about developers.

We’re keeping it nice and simple. Come along, meet some other people working in the mobile industry — and get on camera. That’s the other stipulation: The mobile development industry in London and the United Kingdom is pants. We’ve got a heck of a lot of investors, media conglomerates and related interested parties forever asking us about what’s going on in London. Now we can do a pretty good job of explaining and pointing at what we reckon is good — but I’d like to document mobile developers. So we’re going to have the camera setup in the corner and across the evening, I’m going to invite each attendee to pop over and give us a bit of a pitch/overview on what they’re doing. We’ll then get that up on the site for all to see along with your URLs and contact details.

We’ll have (free) drinks, we’ll have a bit of food, we’ll have free fast internet if you’d like to demonstrate anything to folk — and there’s plenty of mobile signal.

I selected the venue, One Alfred Place, because it’s intimate, modern, clean and well specified. And I’ve booked the big big board room for the event. It’s just off Tottenham Court Road in the West End of London so it’s very easily accessible.

We’ll kick things off at 7.30pm and I imagine we’ll draw things to a close by about 9pm. If you’re time pressured, pop-in and say hi — collect a few cards and head off. But it’d be good if you’ve got a bit of time to connect with us here at Mobile Industry Review along with the other attendees.

Now, we’ve got a limited number of people — by design. I want to meet and talk with each person. So I’ve set the limit to 15 — with a 5 person margin.

We’ve got lots of space at the moment because whilst people have indicated interest already, no one has yet confirmed.

If you’d like to come along — and you’re working in mobile development, consider this text an open invitation. There’s just a restriction on numbers.

If you’re managing public relations for a mobile developer, I hope you understand that there’s not space for each of the 15 attendees to come along WITH their PR advisor so I’m afraid it’s developers only. But do mail me on their behalf if you wish.

If you’d like to come along, drop me a note on this email:

I will reply as soon as I can to confirm.

Key info

For the avoidance of doubt, attendance is free of charge.

What you get:
– Refreshments in the form of drinks and food. They’ve got a super restaurant on-site and a wicked bar, so we’ll use that and ‘order in’. Think mini hamburgers and a bottle of your usual beer. (Well, that’s still to be decided).
– A brief write-up on the site along with a link
– A video interview that we’ll publish on the site shortly afterwards
– A free account to check out DeviceAnywhere (time limited)

What we want from you:
– Your attention and physical presence
– You to bring some business cards and meet other like-minded people working in mobile development
– You to confirm your attendance as soon as you can

The date: Thursday 29th January
The time: 7.30pm
The location: One Alfred Place, just off Tottenham Court, West End, London

Last year I approached DeviceAnywhere about the possibility of supporting an array of Developer-focused events this year and I’m pleased to say they’ve been brilliant. They’ve agreed to support the cost of this event and another in Paris in March — and based on good feedback, there might be a possibility of extending to other European cities. I asked if we could get a few folk along from DeviceAnywhere to demo their stuff — there really is nothing better than messing around with the service to see just how valuable it can be particularly during the development process.

And I pushed them a little bit. If you haven’t got DeviceAnywhere’s development services installed, then I’ve got every attendee a free time-limited account. And I’ve got them to extend the time limits so it’s much better than what you can normally qualify for on their site.

So — I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. If you’ve got any queries, just drop me a note.

Read our DeviceAnywhere overview here.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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