Mobile Drama!

It’s a phenomenon that has been circulating around for the past few years; “Mobile Soaps”, which are specifically aimed and targeted at people like myself… Teens!

It’s an idea that has always intrigued me; I’m a fan of anything that is gripping, true and something I can relate too (in terms of Dramas that is). Even more so, I’m finding more and more often with the onset of recurrent boredom throughout the day, it would be brilliant to have something on my mobile which was free, that could keep me entertained for five or ten minutes.

Now yes, of course there is the marvel that is the iPhone, and a number of software developers who have found ways to get your favourite films compressed and ready for viewing on said devices, but what if you don’t have an iPhone, and you don’t have the time to watch the first part of the Matrix Trilogy?

Well, there is something like THMBNLS, or if you’re like me and totally at a loss at text language, Thumbnails.

I’ve signed up for this, thinking and hoping for, let’s say the best. After all, I would have hoped that somewhere a long the line something good might come-about this mini-mobile-drama…


Well, actually, that’s just a tad biased. It’s funded by the Government, and the Department of Children, it has a primary focus on all things “teen”, and current in the news; sex, drugs, bullying, respect etc.

Now whilst I like the initiative being shown here by the Government and the obvious attempts at trying to bridge into the “youth of today”, there really is little to be said about this “drama”.

And the same can be said for previous attempts I’ve seen floating about the internet. I can remember a number of similar (although far shorter) offerings being heavily promoted on the popular Social Network, Bebo. Needless to say, they had the same shortcomings of Thumbnails…

They’re not that good, at all.

In a technological age of the internet and Youtube, and the growing popularity of programming such as Hollyoaks, Skins, and even American imports such as The O.C and others, the expectations of the teen audience are far more than what I have come-across with the mobile supplements.

The thing is, as with many brilliant ideas, there is a huge potential here; but once again what is delivered is so much less than what you or I expected. Whereas I would love to find and become engaged in a mobile drama which I could enjoy over a number of weeks, when all there is to offer is quite bluntly, tripe… Am I going to waste my time?

The same can be said for my peers. As far as I am aware, no one that I know engages in opting to watch, sign-up, download or view these things. And I’m really not surprised!

Maybe it’s too early to judge now, if this area of mobile improves like many of the others have done, then I do not doubt that in a few years or so there will be some mini-masterpieces right there on our handhelds!

Until then though, I think I will stick to my daily dose of the good ol’ television.


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