Most popular handsets using ShoZu

A few weeks ago, I wondered what the most popular handsets using ShoZu are.

In the post I speculated that it must be the Nokia N95 on top of the list, followed by maybe a few other Nokias. I very much agreed with reader Mack005’s comment — he reckoned it would be the N95 and then the N82.

Well I talked to ShoZu and the list is quite surprising.

Here are the top phones that ShoZu tracks using their service:

1: iPhone
2: Nokia N95 and N95 8GB
3: Nokia N73
4: Nokia N70
5: Nokia N82
6: Nokia 7610
7: SE P1i
8: Nokia 3250
9: Nokia 6120
10: Nokia E51

Goodness me!

iPhone is right there at the top.

I wouldn’t have predicted that — at all. I reckon that’s got to be down to the stunning success of the iTunes App Store. It’s so EASY to setup an account on the iPhone — download the app. Run it. You’re live and ready to configure destinations. There’s no ‘Are you sure’, ‘Are you REALLY sure’ Nokia-nonsense prompts to worry about.

It’s no surprise to see Nokia handsets dominating the list. I reckoned the N95/8GB would be right up there. The N73 at number 3 makes sense since it’s one of the most populous handsets. But the N70??

And the Nokia E51?? Interesting.

But what about the Sony Ericsson P1i? That surprised the hell out of me…

By Ewan

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6 replies on “Most popular handsets using ShoZu”

Perhaps they don't have a very large customer base? Or did some of those handsets ship with it on?

SE P1i, i've had it for a year, using shozu all along. Very surprised to see it in the list as well 😉

The Nokias on the list are very similar to the most popular devices on… In fact the N95, N73, and N70 are our top three devices in that order. The E51 is also pretty popular. So, this list doesn’t really surprise me. I would guess that the N70 is up there due to popularity in some emerging markets.

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