New Card format holds 2TB

The SD Association released the specification for a new format SD card known as SDXC which can hold up to 2TB of information. They will also support read/write speeds of up to 104MB/s – though assuming the cards can sustain that speed, it will still take 20,000 seconds to fill a card (about 5 1/2 hours). It is hoped that in future the speed will rise to 300MB/s.

The cards will use Microsofts exFAT file system and will hold 60 hours of HD video (about 100 High Definition movies).

By Steve Kennedy

I have over 20 years' experience in the Telecoms/Internet/Mobile industries. I was involved with internet in the UK before it had a commercial presence, internet streaming from its beginning (he was the first UK Real Networks customer), and set-up the first Internet Dance Radio Station ( I was also involved with the first netcast of BigBrother (UK).

I am an acknowledged "independent Industry expert" and uses those abilities in consulting and working with a number of investment partners on various projects. I also am a freelance journalist writing on technology subjects.

I'm also a Director of UKEC Ltd - the UK ENUM Consortium that is the governing body for ENUM in the UK.

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