Nokia’s Comes With Music goes on the road


The Finish Fone makers all you can eat music download service has just expanded its buffet table, to seat other countries that weren’t previously allowed at the table.

In a very tentatively  linked intro that no doubt you’ll forgive us for one day, Nokia has opened up its music store to include other countries tracks rather than just English singing artists.

Local dialects that are now featured range from France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway and of course Finland. More are undoubtedly to be scheduled within time, as they’ve missed a few places off that list that they are in, and are doing rather well in too.

Later on in this quarter of the year, Singapore and Australia performers will be available within Nokia’s download store. With the latter really being English speaking and singing, so forgive us once again for our discretions before you start writing in saying Australians sing in English as well.

Hitting all the right notes, they’ve started to gain even more ground against iTunes with this new pan European licensing agreement that’s bound to be a right kick in the Apples.

What’s next on this list we believe is for the service to be included out of the box on more and more handsets. With a view to making it backwardly available whenever they refresh a SKU or a series. Only the other week we brought you news of the N96 now starting off this trend, so it’s not too far a stretch of the imagination for this to be on the cards for the future.

We also put it to Nokia in an almost open letter at the end of that piece, the store “needs to be expanded to accommodate TV episodes and movies“. Over lunch the other day with some senior people at Nokia this was mentioned in conversation, where it was said there’s a reason for Nokia opening up an office in Hollywood a while ago.

So, you’ve read it here first folks. Nokia’s next venture is entitled ‘Comes With Video’, or it’s bound to be something quite close to that *cough*

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