Orange bravely killing off the Bold?


Two reports came out over the past few days, one run by the Guardian and one run by the Telegraph on the BlackBerry Bold being withdrawn from Orange.

You may recall there were teething troubles when the phone first rolled out on Orange, which subsequently resulted in the handset being withdrawn from sale.

There were rumours as to why this happened, which we got to the bottom of at Orange Partner Camp back in late December.

As far as we were aware the facts were never fully disclosed at the time. Seeing as we were there with Orange and primarily as the phone was there, right in front of us, on their product line up table, we asked and were told the following.

It was mostly to do with the switching from 2G to 3G on Orange’s network and the problems surrounding this, as in that it really couldn’t do it well.

We were told at the event this has since been resolved and the Blackberry Bold is back on the service, with all being well.

The Guardian report goes on to state problems still persist with the handset, resulting in Orange considering pulling the phone altogether.

Mentioned in the piece is that the return rates are still high, with a number of issued being at fault.

They also went on to mention they contacted Orange who refused to comment, but RIM confirmed it’s still on sale in-store and on the website.

Read more on the Guardian piece here.

The Telegraph went on to just reiterate the Guardian’s standpoint, with stating ongoing technical problems are still the underlining issue.

Whilst they have it that Orange is considering removing it from their line up, with dropped calls, poor reception and crashes all being noted as their faults.

Read more on the piece here.

We’ve contacted Orange, with a view to aim the burning question in hand towards those who we met at their Partner Camp and answered our questions.

We’ll let you know the outcome, as from last we heard Orange believes all seems hunky-dory now with Bold.

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