RumourMill: Eee PC Android phone on the horizon

The latest news of a Google OS based mobile comes along in the form of Asus are now working on an Android phone.

A piece in the New York Times this week mentioned, in only what could be described as an afterthought, that ASUSTek is said to be producing a low-cost Eee phone.

They carried an interview with the chairman of that well known Taiwanese electronics outfit, namely one Jonney Shih. In which many topics were discussed, before the attention came around to mobile phones.

Specifics weren’t exactly gone in to in any shape or form. We’re just taking it as a given they meant an Android based handset, when he ever so subtly mentioned ‘low-cost’.

Asus have picked up a lot of steam lately with producing handsets, albeit from an ODM perspective. Back in November we brought you news of O2 picking up their fastest processor based mobile, an 800Mhz beast to be seen on Telefónica O2’s Xda range.

Although we doubt the company has the clout to launch a handset under their own brand name, as frankly they don’t have the industry presence in the mobile market as yet.

If and when this launches, expect to see it under a moniker inside a category such as the Xda range.

It’s also possible that Asus could be a worthy contender to go after the ODM business HTC was once well known for, with the likes of Orange’s SVP series.

Especially if they keep this most promising rate of progress up, which just seems to be just getting stronger and stronger as the days go by.

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